Rapido – Responsive Admin Dashboard Theme

Rapido is the tool designed by Clip-Theme to fulfil every possible need of those developing a completely responsive and “mobile first” web project. We are very well aware that you, as developer, need to concentrate on the functional features of a project, that is why, we would like to provide you the essential tools in order to make your work completely usable, aesthetically impeccable and always in line with the web standards and requirements. You can count on a qualified and reliable team of programmers and Ui designers, who will support you in every step of the process. Our goal is to make your work fast and delicious like an espresso cup and we accomplish this task with joy and passion. Have a sip of this passion too! Click on the button “Live Preview” above and enjoy!


  • Overall
    • 100% Fully Responsive
    • 100% Fully Customizable
    • Developer Friendly Code
    • Bootstrap 3.2 Framework
    • jQuery 2.1.1
    • 10 Color Themes
    • 5 Different Background Images
    • Documentation available
    • Full SASS Support
    • Raleway Google fonts
    • Dashboard with widgets, stats, charts and events
  • Layouts
    • Fixed and Default Horizontal Menu
    • Horizontal Mega Menu
    • Horizontal and Sidebar Menu
    • Fixed and Default Sidebar
    • Sidebar Closed Layout
    • Boxed Page Layout
    • Single-page Inteface Layout
  • UI Features
    • Custom Animated Progressbars
    • Custom Paginations
    • Custom Buttons
    • Toggle Buttons
    • Social Animated Buttons
    • Buttons With Loading Indicator
    • Font Awesome Icons
    • CSS3 Animation
    • Subview Contents
    • Subview Live Examples
      • Advanced Add and Edit Notes
      • Advanced Add and Edit Contributors
      • Advanced Add and Edit Calendar
    • Programmatic and Extended Modals
    • Custom Pannels
    • Custom Scrollbar For Vertical Scrollable Contents (perfect-scrollbar)
    • Toastr notifications
    • Custom Touch Range Sliders
    • Custom Bootstrap Sliders
    • Knob Circle Dials
    • Bootstrap Tree Views
    • Interactive Nestable List
    • Interactive Nestable List
    • Page Element Pulsate
    • Ndv3 Charts & Graphs
    • Interactive Google Maps(GMaps)
  • Form Elements
    • Custom Text Fields
    • Custom Add-ons
    • Custom Text Area
    • Autosize Text Area
    • iCheck Radio Button and Checkbox
    • Select 2 Dropdowns
    • Date/Time Picker
    • Color Picker
    • jQuery Tags Input
    • WYSIWYG Custom Summernote Style
    • WYSIWYG CKEditor
    • Form Wizards (jQuery Smart Wizard)
    • Advanced Form Validation
    • Inline Editing With WYSIWYG Editors (CKEditor)
    • Form X-editable
    • Image Crop Plug-in (Jcrop)
    • Multiple File Upload
    • Bootstrap File Upload
    • Dropzone File Upload
  • Tables
    • Basic Tables
    • Responsive Tables
    • Data Tables
    • Managed Data Tables
    • Tables Export (JSON, XML, PNG, CSV, TXT, SQL, MS-Word, Ms-Excel, Ms-Powerpoint and PDF)
  • Login
    • Login page
    • Register Page
    • Forgot Password Page
    • Lock Screen
  • Pages
    • User Profile
    • Invoice
    • Advanced Gallery
    • Timeline with Scrubber
    • Advanced Full Calendar Management
    • Mail Box
    • Blank Page
  • Utilities
    • FAQ
    • Search Results
    • 404 Error Page(various options)
    • 500 Error Page(various options)
    • Pricing Tables
    • Coming Soon Page

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