Ora School Suite – Ultimate school management system 6.0

Ultimate school management system. Built on Laravel 5, Bootstrap 4 And AngularJS. Schoex is one the best school management system available in market to manage your school operations in best manners.

What’s new in OraSchool v6.0
  • ID cards module generation
  • “My Payroll” User can see his payroll summary
  • Support biometric for employees
  • Support Dept & design for teachers
  • Support for custom headers for HTTP SMS configurations
  • Support for controlling which user role can message another user role
  • Support for partial fee type dates
  • Support for inventory stock remaining items calculations
  • Bulk mark sheet generation
  • Bulk invoices generation
  • Support for automated invoice ID generation while creating manual invoice
  • Support attendance notifications for Present, Absent, late, late with excuse
  • Auto generate invoices for hostel & transportations when user assigned to one
  • Export function for online exams results
  • Dashboard widgets controlled from roles & permissions for Role-based dashboard
  • Collection invoice reports
  • Paystack payment gateway integration
  • Wider registration page with enhanced label for fields
  • Support for new invoice when student register
  • Enhanced margins control for Certificates
  • Enhance frontend pages slider picker
  • Enhance visitors, engird & postal view
  • Enhance data privacy for students, parents & teachers
  • Fix for submitting online exam when time ends
  • Fix for Autoscroll issue on Firefox
What’s new in OraSchool v5.0
  • New Advanced Permissions System – Unlimited roles types
    • Super Administrators
    • Administrators
    • Manager
    • Principal
    • Teacher
    • Student
    • Parents
    • Accountant
    • Librarian
    • HR
    • Receptionist
    • Store Keeper
  • Front Office
    • Visitors Log
      • Track your School visitors
      • Track purpose of visits
      • Track Check-in & Check-Out
    • Phone Calls
      • Track your incoming/outgoing phone calls
      • Track purpose, Type, duration and details of calls
    • Postal
      • Track your dispatch/received postal
    • Contact Messages: See your website visitor messages directly from Web Portal
    • Front Office Categories to easily manage sources, types & Purposes
  • Enquiries
    • Track classified Enquiries from Parents, Students, Teachers,…
  • Complaints
  • Track classified Complaints from Parents, Students, Teachers,…
  • More languages supported, You still can create your own language if your language isn’t in the list.
    • English
    • Arabic
    • French
    • Dutch
    • German
    • Hindi
    • Italian
    • Turkish
    • Russian
    • Spanish
    • Portuguse
    • Bengali
    • Chineese
    • Indonesian
    • Romanian
    • Thai
  • Manage Employees
  • Mange departments & designations
  • Enroll your school employees in the system
  • Classify each employee under dept. & design.
  • Easily control each employee roles & permissions
  • Students
  • New smart & advanced school admission form
  • Control student categories
  • Control Medical History
  • Enhanced view of father & mother information
  • Enhanced view of Guardian account information
  • Control students documents
  • Student Attendance
    • Add notes when taking the attendance
    • Attendance report redesigned completely
    • One view to see multiple students attendance with period
    • Calculation of presence percentage for each student
  • Staff Attendance
    • Add notes when taking the attendance
    • Check-In & Check-Out attendance tracking
    • Attendance report redesigned completely
    • One view to see multiple students attendance with period
    • Calculation of presence percentage for each student
  • Vacation
    • Completely redesigned vacation system
    • Approve/Decline Vacation requests
    • Users able to track their approved & declined vacation requests
  • Library Management
    • Completely redesigned library system
    • Mange users subscription to library system including employees and students
    • Issue/Return books to users
    • Track issued books to users, Dates and return dates
  • Inventory Management
    • Manage Stores
    • Manage Suppliers
    • Manage Inventory Categories
    • Manage items coding
    • Manage Items instock
    • Manage issued items
    • Manage returned items
  • Online Exams
    • Questions Bank
    • Randomize exam questions supported
    • Sharing questions, To allow question to be used by another teacher in another exam
    • Rich text editor for questions
    • Can attach images for each question
    • Unlimited number of questions supported
    • Unlimited number of options per each question supported
    • New UI for online exam taking
  • FrontEnd
    • New modern frontend design
    • Frontend permalink enhancements
    • Frontend pages order list
  • Dashboard
    • Today’s Birthday widget
    • Dashboard Widgets rearrangements
  • Enhanced view of exam schedule
  • Calculating total income
  • Calculating total expenses
  • Clickatell SMS Gateway support new API system
  • Salary Delete Payroll feature
What’s new in OraSchool v4.0
  • Frontend CMS
    • Easy to create new template
    • Unlimited pages
    • Draft controll
    • Advannced image library
    • Embedded images slider
    • 8 Embedded Themes
  • Biometric devices integration
    • Integrate OraSchool with your biometric device
    • OraSchool will track activity on your device and apply attendance based on it
    • Track device status & last update time
  • Improvements in payments & invoices
    • Immediate / Scheduled innvoice genneration
    • Fee Discount Codes
  • Income Module
    • Mannage income costs
    • Manage income categories
  • HR Payroll Salary
    • Manage Monthly Salary, Overtime, Allowences & Deductions
    • Manage Hourly Salary
    • Make payment to user and track payments
  • Advanced media uploader for media module
  • Advanced Homework Module with answers management system
  • PUSH Notifications for mobile apps embedded with payload functionality
  • Innline tester for Mail / SMS
  • Control accounts status ( Active – Inactive )
  • Native HTTPS Support
  • Enhancement in Responsive views
  • Summernote WYSIWYG Editor and can toggle between Summernote & CKeditor
  • Database export system
  • New reports included
  • PHP 7.2 Support
  • Bug fixes & enhancements

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