About Us

About Us

What is CodingLikeAPro?

CodingLikeAPro is a website that provides a lot of premium products (software) necessary for the development of websites, including WordPress themes and plugins, PHP-scripts, JavaScript, HTML-templates, etc. at a lower cost than that the developers.

We believe in the open source community and believe that digital world should be available and affordable to all. Unfortunately premium products authors refuse to decouple support from the code, they won’t set regional price differences and they rarely offer discounts to students, low waged or the young. We are providing a third way by redistributing the code without any unneeded extras and

❝ We don’t sell premium products to make money, We make money to bring more premium products on CodingLikeAPro. ❞

What is GPL?

GPL means General Public License.

WordPress is open source software and is founded upon the GPL (General Public Licence) that you can read more about over at the WordPress website. It was created by forking another GPL-licensed project; in fact, almost all the top theme, plugin, add-on and extension developers follow the GPL.

The main point to note is that any software that is built upon WordPress must carry forward the original GPL license.

We provide files that are fully licensed under the GPL, just like WordPress.

What Does This Mean For You?

It doesn’t mean that developers can’t charge you to buy the code they have developed. What it does mean is that once you have bought that code, you are free to do whatever you like with it.

So, it’s perfectly legal to download the themes and plugins from this site. Download as many as you like and use them in as many projects as you want.

Owing A WordPress Website Should Not Be Expensive

It shouldn’t matter what your income is, what you do or where you live – price should not be a barrier to owning a great WordPress website.

Your membership goes a long way for us to be able to buy the licenses for the themes and plugins to bring new items to our site each month.

The items on this site are straight from the developer. They are 100% original with no malware, backdoors, viruses or any of that nonsense. We keep them well maintained and up to date.

If you want affordable plugins and themes then please help support us. Our site is for you.


A Short Disclaimer

The main difference between us and the developer is that we do not offer any support. This is how we are able to redistribute the software at a fraction of the original price.

So, if you can think you will need ongoing technical support for a product then please consider buying from the developer. Links to each developer are provided on the product pages.

Normally you can ask for support to our live chat support team. They can assist you for any minor help you need upon on development something.

We think we make it perfectly clear that whilst the products on CodingLikeAPro are the original products – we are not the original authors. We are simply redistributing the software, as it is our right to do so, under the GPL license.

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